Creative Mountain Photography Course with Peter Rosén, max 12 pax

For the 12th consecutive year we are holding the enormously popular summer photography course in Abisko. Here you will learn creative mountain landscape photography from the very beginning. You will be shown all the skills and be guided from the beginning in capturing the perfect images in an inspiring summertime environment. The course leader, Peter Rosén, has had a long career as an environmental researcher in Abisko, where he has lived for 15 years. His comprehensive knowledge of the area guarantees the best guiding to exquisite photography sites. This course is included in Canon’s Photography School giving you the exclusive chance to test the latest digital camera equipment, lenses and tripods on the market. Also included in the course is a trip to the Polar Park in Norway for photographing wolverine, lynx, wolf within the enclosures and more in a subarctic environment.