About Peter Rosén

My deep-rooted interests in nature, outdoor life and photography have now become my career. I enjoy life’s little pleasures, especially the outdoor life, and after 15 years in Abisko still love the seducing dance of Aurora borealis across the winter sky.

I photograph and arrange courses on aurora, nature and wildlife photography for people from around the globe. My background as a biologist, researcher and associate professor in environmental science mean that I happily share what I know about the nature of Lapland and how climate changes affect everything in this subarctic region. My photography courses usually have a Sami theme since the majority of my guests are really interested in learning more about the native Scandinavian population. I also work closely with other photographers in the region and Nutti Sámi Siida, a Sami company that offers genuine Sami experiences.

Last winter, together with Lisa Holmström, I launched my first book “Aurora Borealis in Lapland” through my own publishing company. The book is available in English, Swedish and German and has already sold in 7 000 copies. In December I released my first e-book, “Aurora Borealis – the Science, Folklore & How to Photograph the Aurora”, and hope for an equal success. This e-book makes it so much easier to reach my international customers.

On my website you can buy high quality images online. You can also learn more about the best ways to capture images of auroras. I have even gathered some of the best information from NASA, the Institute for Space Physics in Kiruna (IRF) and the all-sky camera in Abisko to make it easier to see the northern lights. You will also find popular science information about how the auroras are created as well as folklore about how the auroras used to be perceived. And of course, there is also information about my photography courses, books and more.

Maybe I’ll see you at the foot of the mountain sometime soon …

Portrait Peter Rosen, photo Per Carlsson
Photo Per Karlsson